Crazy Lady Attacks a Pro Wrestler at an Event in South Africa (Video)

crazy lady hits wrestler at pro wrestling match

Everybody over the age of 12 knows that pro wrestling is fake. When you were a kid the issue was debated, of course, and every group of friends had at least one dude that just couldn’t accept reality. But eventually he did, and you all moved on. Some of you even found a new appreciation for pro wrestling in light of the fact that it was fake. After all, knowing that actually makes pro wrestling funnier.

However, it seems that one pro wrestling fan in South Africa was never made aware of the fact that her beloved sport is scripted.

At some small-time event in what looks to be a school gymnasium, a guy named Johnny “Iceman” Sabin—South Africa’s “top heel,” according to whoever put the video on YouTube—found himself the subject of this woman’s ire. He was standing next to the barricade between the ring and the crowd and had turned his back to walk toward his opponent when, out of nowhere, an angry woman walked up behind him and slapped him in the back of his head. Then, a few moments later, she walked over to the guy and threatened to throw a chair at him.

Have a look:

Of course, this being pro wrestling, there’s always a chance the woman was a plant. But it’s definitely more fun to assume it was real.

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