Duke-UNC Managers Game Was Won by a Three-Point Buzzer-Beater (Video)

fans rush court after duke managers beat unc managers with buzzer-beater

Last night’s big game between Duke and North Carolina at the former’s Cameron Indoor Stadium was a good one. The #2-ranked Blue Devils brought out the best in the unranked Tar Heels, but pulled away just a bit at the end to close out a 73-68 victory.

That wasn’t the only game involved in this classic college basketball rivalry, however. There was also a game played between the managers of these two teams. And while there was considerably less talent (and size) involved, that game actually had a more exciting finish. You see, the Blue Devils managers beat the Tar Heels managers on a last-second three-point buzzer beater.

Sadly, since this was just a friendly exhibition game, there was no one there to rush the—um, wait a second. I take it back. There were people there to rush the court. Lots of them!

This is Duke-UNC we’re talking about, and people take every aspect of the rivalry seriously. So there was quite the celebration.

Have a look:

I won a couple intramural soccer championships back in the day, but we never had a celebration like this. Instead, all we got were t-shirts. Now I feel kind of cheated.

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