Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan Misses Free Throw by a Foot and a Half (Video)

deandre jordan terrible free throw

The term “wide ride” is normally a term used in football to indicate a field goal attempt went to the right of the uprights. It’s rare that we can use it when talking about basketball, let alone NBA basketball…let alone a free throw. And yet, here we are.

Last night during the Los Angeles Derby (which is what the Clippers-Lakers games would be called if the NBA were a European soccer league), the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan took one of the worst free throws in recent memory. And there are some really bad ones in recent memory, such as Dwight Howard’s air ball, and whatever you want to call this one.

You see, usually when a guy misses a free throw, it’s because the trajectory was just off by a couple of inches. And even when a guy airs one out, the ball is at least more or less in line with the hoop.

As for Jordan’s free throw last night? That missed to the right of the hoop by about a foot and a half. It was just brutal.

Take a look:

I’m not a very good basketball player myself. But honestly, I don’t know if I have ever missed a free throw that bad.

Of course, there’s an obvious explanation for DeAndre’s awful shot, which is that it’s hard to stay focused and maintain your competitive edge when you’re playing a soft team like the Lakers. (BURN!)

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