Illinois State’s Jackie Carmichael Delivers a Karate Kick Rebound (Video)

jackie carmichael karate kick rebound

When it comes to grabbing a rebound, there may be no maneuver that is more effective than the karate-kick rebound.

Illinois State’s Jackie Carmichael put it to use during Sunday’s game against Wichita State with his team leading by five and under 50 seconds remaining.

Check it out:

In this instance, the karate-kick-rebound certainly worked, although, Carmichael was eventually called for a flagrant foul (once the kick was reviewed after play was stopped following a Wichita State foul).  And after both teams made good on their free throws, the Wichita State Shockers connected on two three-pointers to come away with the dramatic 68-67 come-from-behind victory.

So yeah, the karate-kick rebound may be an effective way to grab a board, but it may also result in a flagrant foul and cost your team the game.  So use it at your own discretion.

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