Avs’ Matt Duchene Scores a Goal From a Mile Offside (Video)

duchene offside goal avalanche predators

If you’re a hockey fan, then you probably heard a lot of pundits saying we should expect some pretty sloppy hockey to start the 2013 NHL season. They said that with the extended lockout and the six-day training camps, there was no way teams would start out as well-oiled machines.

Of course, this line of reasoning was perfectly sensible, and in many cases it has already been proved correct. However, there have also been a fair amount of slick passes and great saves that have made it easy to overlook some of the sloppiness.

You know what no one really talked about, though? Sloppy officiating. The referees were also out of work during the NHL lockout, and they too had to get back into game shape in just six days. And, wow, it shows.

On Sunday night, Colorado’s Matt Duchene scored a breakaway goal against the Nashville Predators on a play that was at least three feet offsides. Seriously, three feet. I mean, if you were trying to explain to somebody what offsides is, you would show them this play because it’s that obvious. It was so bad that everyone on the ice straightened up and slowed down, waiting for the whistle—including Duchene. But that whistle never came, despite the fact that a linesman was standing right there in front of the play. So Duchene took the puck in and scored.

Take a look:

That is pretty much as bad a call/non-call as you are going to see in the game of hockey.

Nice job, zebras.

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