Moroccan Goalie Smacks Head on Turf, Loses Consciousness, Swallows Tongue, Nearly Dies (Video)

moracco goalie serious head injury

There is so much flopping and feigned crying in the sport of soccer that it can be easy to forget that, every so often, serious injuries do happen. Some of these injuries are gruesome and career-threatening. Then there are others that, although less gruesome, prove to be life-threatening.

The clip you are about to watch is the latter category. It’s not as hard to stomach as some other soccer injuries we’ve seen, but it’s every bit as terrifying when you know going in that the player nearly swallowed his tongue and died.

It happened on Sunday night in Morocco during a game between Maghreb Fes and Wydad Casablanca. Wydad goalie Zniti went up to grab a cross, but collided with a Maghreb player in the air, got up-ended, and fell back to the ground without being able to brace himself. As a result, he smacked the side of his head on the ground and immediately lost consciousness.

Take a look:

After regaining consciousness, Zniti was taken to the hospital. Later it was learned that Zniti had swallowed (or almost swallowed) his tongue, and that the quick actions of the team’s medical staff saved his life. Now he’s awake and apparently okay, but remains in the hospital for further tests and observations.

Talk about scary stuff.

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