Last Night’s Leafs-Lightning Game Featured a Bout Between Ali and Frazier?

hockey fight faser vs. aulie

If you happened to hear somebody talk about an “Ali-Frazier” fight at last night’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning, you might have assumed that somebody was commenting on the quality of the bout by making a comparison to one of boxing’s most famous rivalries between Muhammad Ali and Smokin’ Joe Frazier.

You know the rivalry I’m talking about, right? It only produced some of the most famous fights in the history of boxing. Ali-Frazier I, won by Frazier in 1971, was called “The Fight of the Century.” Ali then won the first rematch in 1974.  And finally, there was Ali-Frazier III in 1975, better known as “The Thrilla in Manila” which was won by Ali.

This was the greatest boxing rivalry of all-time. So if somebody had refereed to a hockey fight as being like “Ali-Frazier,” that would have been very high praise indeed.

Of course, that’s not what anybody meant when they were talking about the fight during last night’s Leafs-Lightning game. What they were actually talking about was a fight between Toronto’s Mark Fraser and Tampa’s Keith Aulie—though it’s easy to understand how you might have heard “Frazier-Ali.”

Have a look:

Not exactly the “Fight of the Century,” but the names of the combatants were certainly amusing.

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