French Daredevil Guerlain Chicherit Nails the World’s First Car Backflip (Video)

worlds first car backflip

Doing a backflip while standing, running, biking, or riding a skatebaord can be very dangerous. You can very easily wind up with broken bones and a concussed brain. However, in all but the most extreme cases, the penalty for failure in these endeavors is rarely death.

That is not the case when one tries to do a backflip while riding in or on a heavy piece of machinery. Sadly, we very recently learned this lesson all too well from snowmobiler Caleb Moore, who passed away after suffering injuries while attempting a backflip at the Winter X-Games.

However, such lessons do not deter the people we call daredevils. And recently one of these daredevis, a Frenchman named Guerlain Chicherit, attempted and completed the world’s first backflip…in a car.

Why perform a car backflip? Why not?  Gotta do something to get that rush, right?

Anyway, Chicherit recently pulled this stunt off driving a Mini in Tignes, France.  Sure, a thick layer of powdery snow softened the landing a bit, but I think it was still a pretty dangerous stunt.

Have a look:

Yeah, don’t try that at home.

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