Vancouver’s Jannik Hansen Gave Marian Hossa a Dirty Elbow to the Back of the Head (Video)

jannik hansen dirty elbow to the back of hossa's head

Twelve different Western Conference NHL teams have taken a shot at beating the Chicago Blackhawks in regulation in 16 tries so far this season. None have succeeded. Oh sure, Minnesota, Vancouver, and Anaheim beat the Hawks in overtime, but in today’s NHL an overtime loss isn’t the same as a regulation loss. So Chicago’s record stands at 13-0-3, which ties a record for the most games without a regulation loss to start a season.

Thus, at this point, it’s just starting to feel like nobody will ever beat the Blackhawks. And apparently guys are getting a little frustrated.

How can you tell guys are getting frustrated? Because they’re starting to lose their composure. Last night, for example, Vancouver’s Jannik Hansen completely lost his mind and, out of the blue, gave Chicago’s Marian Hossa an elbow to the back of the head.

If you’ll recall, Hossa was knocked out of the playoffs last season after receiving a dirty headshot from repeat offender Raffi Torres. So that makes Hansen’s actions all the more detestable.

Have a look at the incident for yourself:

How cheap was that? I’d say it’s not a question of if Hansen will be suspended by the NHL; it’s how many games.

As for the rest of the Canucks, they’re just lucky looks can’t kill. If they could, they’d all have been murdered by the furious stare emanating from Chicago coach Joel Quenneville.

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