D.C. Rapper Wale Confronted Toronto Raptors Announcers After They Insulted Him On-Air (Video)

wale confronts raptors announcers

We learned two things about the Toronto Raptors television announcers last night. One, they are serious homers who are very defensive of the team’s players. Two, they don’t know much about hip hop.

The Raptors, you see, were in D.C. taking on the Wizards, and Matt Delvin and Leo Rautins, the Raps’ broadcast team, observed that “some fan” with courtside seats appeared to be heckling Toronto’s Rudy Gay. Then they figured out that this fan was actually the Washington-based rapper Wale.

So Delvin and Rautins proceeded to belittle Wale, saying he is a “well known local rapper…locally,” that “he’s not Drake, that’s for sure,” and then, “I’m sure somebody on Twitter can tell me exactly if they’ve heard of Wale.”

Oh, and after Rudy Gay responded to the so-called heckling by hitting a three, they made a really lame pun using Wale’s name (pronounced wall-A) and the famous Canadian expression, “eh?”

Of course, there were several problems with the announcers’ perception of the situation. First, Wale and Gay are actually buddies. So while Wale might have been giving Gay a little grief, it certainly wasn’t mean-spirited. Gay himself cleared that up after the game:

rudy gay wale tweet - raptors announcers

The second problem with the announcers’ take on the situation? Wale is pretty famous in the world of hip hop. No, he’s not as big as Toronto’s Drake, nor is he as well-regarded. But anyone who follows hip hop knows who he is. So when they said “I’m sure somebody on Twitter can tell me exactly if they’ve heard of Wale,” they were right. I’m sure one of Wale’s 2,727,025 followers could tell them who Wale is.

Anyway, as you might expect, Wale didn’t enjoy the fact that he was being belittled by these guys. So at first he tried the more passive Twitter reproach:

wale tweet - confronts raptors announcers
And when that didn’t resolve the situation to his liking, Wale decided to walk on over to the Raptors’ commentary team and talk to them in person…while they were calling a live game.

It was all pretty amusing. Have a look at how it unfolded for the TV viewers at home:

Following a one-on-one conversation, Delvin and Wale were able to clear the air, but I’m thinking the next time a fan heckles a Raptor, Delvin and Rautins will either let the player fight his own battle, or at least do a little more research before they start trash-talking.

Hat Tip – [SportsNet]

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