21 Ridiculous Hockey Dive GIFs

hockey dives

In case you haven’t notice, there is an epidemic sweeping the sports world. It’s got a few different names depending on what sport you’re talking about, but the problem is the same. I am talking, of course, about diving or flopping. What seems to have started in soccer quite noticeably crept into basketball. Now even hockey players are diving. Seriously, hockey players—the guys who get three teeth knocked out and keep playing—will feel sticks brush the back of their legs and hit the ice like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Of course, stamping out diving would be easy: fine and suspend players for doing it. But that’s not going to happen, so I’m going to do my part…by shaming hockey players who take dives. Sound good? Great, then you’ll love the 21 animated GIFs that follow. Check them out.


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