Watch 9 Golfers Sink 9 Simultaneous Putts Into the Same Hole (Video)

9 guys 1 cup

Did you know that you can major in “PGA Golf Management” in college? Well, you can. There are 20 programs at universities across the United States that offer four year degrees accredited by the PGA, mostly run out of business or hospitality management schools. The idea, of course, is to provide specialized management expertise that will prepare you for some kind of career in golf.

Anyway, one of those 20 accredited PGA Golf Management programs is at Campbell University in North Carolina. Every month the folks running the program hold some sort of competition between the classes, and the competition for January was to see how many people you could line up and make a putt at the same time.

So how many people do you think they were able to get to sink a putt at the same time? Four, maybe five? Nope. Try nine.

Seriously, nine guys lined up in a row. All of them took a putt at the same time, and all nine putts went in. Take a look:

Impressive, isn’t it? I’d say that easily trumps a guy hitting a ball 146 yards with a 14-foot driver, wouldn’t you?

Could you imagine, though, if you were the first guy in line, and you missed your putt while everyone else made theirs? That would have sucked.

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