Behind-the-Back Table Tennis Shot Leaves Opponent in Disbelief (Video)

behind-the-back table tennis shot

Table tennis has kind of a bad rap in North America. I chalk this up to the fact that so many people think of the sport as something you did in your parents’ basement to kill time as a kid, and the fact that we all called it “ping pong” (which is just silly).

But the fact is, lots of people take table tennis very seriously, these people are very good at it, and they can produce some of the most awesome sports highlights on earth. The one from the 2012 Paralympic Games comes to mind here. So does this compilation of the best shots of 2011.

Today we have another insane table tennis highlight to add to the list. I don’t know what competition it is from, but I do know that it is courtesy of French table tennis “star” Quentin Robinot. The guy hits an absolutely ridiculous behind-the-back shot that makes for a couple priceless reactions—Robinot laughs, while his opponent just stares in disbelief before giving him a round of applause.

Have a look:

Let me tell you, I never did anything like that while playing ping pong in my parents’ basement.

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