Blue Jackets’ Artem Anisimov Knocked Unconscious Last Night in Detroit (Video)

artem anisimov out cold nhl headshot

Take a good look at the above photo. That’s Artem Anisimov of the Columbus Blue Jackets. It’s pretty freaky, isn’t it?

On Thursday night in Detroit, Anisimov and Detroit defenseman Ian White were racing to join the play behind the Red Wings net and, next thing you know, Anisimov somehow ends up on the ice, unconscious.

I say “somehow” because, even after looking at the slow-motion replay 10 times, I’m still not entirely sure what did it. At the 0:26 mark, you see Anisimov lose hit footing and begin to slide toward the boards, at which point he gets sandwiched between White and Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey.

Then, at the 0:27 mark, you see Ansimov’s helmet pop up a bit as he seems to brush White’s shoulder—but the key word there is “brush,” as his head and White’s shoulder don’t exactly collide at a right angle.

Finally, at the 0:30 mark, Ansimov’s head hits the ice, and it seems like Quincey’s elbow may have landed on the side of his head.

The Blue Jackets’ announcers seemed to think Ansimov was out cold before he even hit the ice, but I don’t see how you could determine for sure which of the three blows—the shoulder, the ice, or the elbow—was the one that knocked him out. All we do know for sure is that he definitely was out like a light, lying on the ice like he had a cameo as a dead body on CSI…and it was pretty scary.

Have a look:

After being stretchered off, Ansimov was taken to the hospital, where he stayed overnight for observation. Fortunately, Blue Jacket coach Todd Richards has reported that the 24-year-old Russian was alert and stable after the game. However, it remains to be seen if there will be any lingering effects from this frightening incident. We’ll know more after he heads back to Columbus and visits with team doctors today.

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