Classless Bulls Fans Cheer Apparent LeBron James Injury (Video)

bulls fans cheer lebron injury

Was LeBron James a jerk for ditching Cleveland in the manner that he did? Yes. Was that whole pre-emptive championship celebration they held down in Miami to introduce James and Chris Bosh a little over the top? Of course. Did they all come off like a bunch of d-bags by predicting a championship dynasty? Absolutely.

But you know who else was kind of a d-bag? His Airness himself, Michael Jordan. Did you ever listen to the guy’s Hall of Fame induction speech? The most revered and respected athlete of his generation used that great opportunity not to thank his fans, but to stick it to everybody who ever slighted him.

I actually think that, despite his flaws, LeBron is a nicer guy than Jordan. He doesn’t seem to be driven by doubters the way Jordan (and, to jump over to baseball, Albert Pujols) seemed to be. In fact, deep down I really don’t think LeBron is a bad guy. He seems to have fun playing basketball, and he seems to genuinely enjoy watching his teammates succeed.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t boo him. I certainly do and probably always will, just because “hating” certain teams and players is what makes sports fun. I also hate the Yankees, Red Wings, A-Rod, Ray Lewis, the Dallas Cowboys, and Cristiano Ronaldo. But I don’t wish any of them actual harm.

Chicago Bulls fans? Not so much. Apparently they’re sick of the arrogant Heat and all the questions of whether LeBron will one day eclipse Jordan. So on Thursday night, when LeBron suffered a knee-on-knee collision with Chicago’s Nate Robinson and came up limping, what did they do? They cheered.

Have a look:

You stay classy, Chicago.

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