Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: Here’s a Diagram Showing How He Says He Killed Reeva Steenkamp

pistorius in court

We all know that “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The fact that she died by a gun fired from his hand is not even in question. So no matter the outcome of the eventual trial, Pistorius is in trouble. Whether it was an accident or on purpose, you can’t just kill somebody without consequences.

Nevertheless, the issue that will eventually be decided in court—i.e., whether the murder was an accident or not—is still significant. If convicted of premeditated murder, as the South African prosecutors hope he will be, Pistorius will spend the rest of his life behind bars. If, however, the magistrate finds that the killing was accidental, a significantly lesser penalty will be applied.

So what, exactly, does Pistorius say happened? Well, the National Post put together this very helpful graphic based on his official affidavit. Take a look:

Of course, most of us find the claim that Pistorius believed he was shooting an intruder problematic at best. He’s saying he heard a noise in his bathroom and didn’t assume first that it was the woman who had been lying next to him in bed. Thus, he (apparently) didn’t look to see if she was, in fact, still there, like pretty much anyone else would do.

Then he went to the bathroom “screaming” at the intruder, but apparently heard nothing in response, so the first thing he did was fire four shots through the door. But wouldn’t Reeva have shouted back at him—something along the lines of, “hey, it’s me, chill out!”?

Moreover, are we to believe that it was entirely luck that he hit her with 3 of the 4 shots fired? That kind of accuracy suggests he was aiming for somebody who was sitting on the toilet. Would you assume that a burglar who had locked himself in your bathroom was sitting on the toilet?

To put it bluntly, Pistorius’s story sounds a little ridiculous. However, the wealthy in South Africa will very likely sympathize. The fact is that, while Pistorius’s account makes him come off as a paranoid nutjob to us, there are a lot of people in his country who feel they might have reacted in the same way. And it’s that kind of thinking—right or wrong—that might prevent him from being convicted.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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