Wale Is No Drake, But According to ‘The Score’ He Is that Guy from ‘Cool Runnings’

The other day we told you how DC-based rapper Wale got into a little argument with Toronto Raptors announcer Matt Devlin. Devlin thought Wale was heckling Toronto’s Rudy Gay, so he started insinuating that nobody even knows who Wale is, and then concluded that, whoever he is, he’s no Drake.

Well, that didn’t go over very well with Wale, who was alerted to what had been said to the audience back in Toronto during the game. And after firing off a tweet telling Devlin to shut up, he decided to go up to the announcers table and have a litte talk with (read “yell at”) the guy.

Anyway, unless you are Wale, it was all kind of funny. Devlin looked like an idiot, and the DC rapper looked like a hot-head.

However, today the Toronto-based Canadian sports channel ‘The Score’ put up an infographic on Instagram summarizing the incident. And while it’s mostly nothing special, there is one part of it that might just make the situation worse.

Take a look:

raptors wale tale of the tape

You see it? Where it says Wale’s claim to fame is the film Cool Runnings? Yeah, they are implying that he looks like actor Doug E. Doug, one of the stars of that bobsledding classic.

So just to recap…

wale not drake


wale is doug e doug

Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but this comparison seems just a little bit…I don’t know…”racially insensitive?” I mean, just because they are both black and have dreds, that doesn’t mean they look alike does it?

In any case, if Wale didn’t like the Raptors announcer saying he’s no Drake, I doubt he’ll like being (intentionally) confused with the guy from Cool Runnings. So if you happen to be a Wale fan living in Toronto, don’t expect him to be playing any shows there soon.

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