Caps Fan Performs Dirty Gesture for the Camera (GIF)

classy capitals fan gesture

What is it about cameras at sporting events that gives otherwise (presumably) sensible human beings the sudden urge to make some kind of vulgar gesture? I mean, there are so many things you could do with your fleeting moment of fame—wave, smile, stick your tongue out, beat your chest like an ape, do the Gangnam style, whatever. Why extend the middle finger or make like you’re performing oral sex?

Seriously, I don’t even have a theory. All I know is that people do it. Often.

Well, today we have yet another example of this primal urge to embarras oneself on television…or do we? You see, one fan at last night’s Capitals-Devils game in D.C. walked across a Comcast Sportsnet camera in the concourse during the first intermission, and it looks like he’s doing the old BJ gesture at first. But upon watching a few times, it looks like he might just be doing a fist pump and a “whoo hoo.”

What’s he really doing? You be the judge:

classy capitals fan

My theory? He started out doing the BJ gesture, but then kind of chickened out halfway through and turned it into a family friendly “whoo hoo.”

What do you say?

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