Drunk Fan at Canadian College Hockey Game Climbs Over Glass and Onto Ice (Video)

drunk fan runs on ice at canadian college hockey game

All sports have to deal with fans running out onto the field or court and disrupting play every once in a while. It’s just a part of doing business, really—something that’s inevitable, given the sale of adult beverages at sporting events. You see it at baseball games, at football games, at soccer games, and even at tennis matches.

That being said, you will rarely see fans interrupting a hockey game. It’s not that they aren’t as drunk as other fans. It’s just that the 10-foot high plexiglass surrounding the ice makes drunken shenanigans kind of difficult.

Of course, difficult is not the same thing as impossible. And if anyone is going to successfully scale the glass at a hockey game and run out onto the ice, it’s going to be a Canadian with a belly full of Molson, right?

Well, this actually happened at a Canadian college hockey game back in November. During a game between St. Francis Xavier and the University of New Brunswick of the Atlantic University Sports league, some guy hopped over the glass with only a few seconds left in the third period and delayed the final faceoff. The referee then escorted him over to the penalty box, “accidentally” knocking him down on the way.

Take a look:

Of course, we like to keep our news at current as possible here at TotalProSports, but this video was just uploaded four days ago, so it has just now come to our attention. And given the rarity of this kind of thing, we couldn’t just pass it up.

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