Gareth Bale Scores Another Amazing Goal for Tottenham (Video + GIF)

gareth bale goal

Gareth Bale: remember the name.

Just two weeks ago we told you about an incredible, physics-defying goal that the 23-year-old Welshman scored for Tottenham Hotspur against Lyon in Champions League play. It was one of two on the night for Bale, and it extended his hot streak to 7 goals in 5 games for club and country.

Now we’ve got yet another physics-defying goal off the foot of Gareth Bale. This one came against West Ham in Premier League play, and it was just as spectacular as the other one.

Here’s the video, which looks like it’s been put through an Instagram filter or something:

And, for posterity’s sake, here’s an animated GIF version:

Gareth Bale goal

What kind of voodoo does one have to use to make a ball move like that? Bale is like the R.A. Dickey of soccer.

Anyway, this goal was just the first of yet another two-goal performance by Bale. So if you’re counting at home, that extends his torrid scoring streak to 9 goals in his last 7 games for club and country.

So like I said, remember the name Gareth Bale.

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