Junior Hockey Player Flips Out After Getting Hit from Behind (Video)

junior hockey player flips out throws chair

With all the junior hockey highlights we’ve brought you lately, if you didn’t know any better you would think the NHL lockout never ended and we were just desperate for hockey-related material.

Of course, the lockout did end, so it’s not that we’re desperate. It’s just that junior hockey players have been doing some remarkable things. First it was a vicious two-handed slash. Then it was a ridiculous display of finesse and determination. Now it’s a kid losing his mind after getting checked into the boards from behind.

That kid would be defenseman Ryan Hutchinson of the OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs. On Sunday, Kingston traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania, to take on the the Erie Otters, and during that game Hutchinson was hit from behind by Jake Evans.

He didn’t like that, so he let Evans have it. Then, after the refs peeled him off the guy and led him toward the locker room, he kicked a helmet strewn on the ice, then threw his own helmet down in disgust before finally picking up a chair and throwing it against the wall…terrifying a couple of kids in the process.

Take a look:

That hard rock music was a nice touch, wasn’t it? So dark and dramatic.

Anyway, hopefully this kid learns to control his temper a bit better. That’s the kind of stuff that gets you fined in the NHL.

Hat Tip – [Erie Highlight Reel]

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