Onterio McCalebb Almost Broke Chris Johnson’s Record for Fastest 40 at the NFL Combine on Sunday (Video)

onterio mccalebb 40 scouting combine record

Tennessee running back Chris Johnson has a 2,000 yard season, an NFL rushing title, and three trips to the Pro Bowl on his resume. However, every year at this time, when NFL scouts descend on Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, the guy is remembered for just one thing: his blazing 4.24-second 40 yard dash in 2008, which is the official record for fastest 40 at the NFL combine.

Well, on Sunday, Johnson’s record looked like it might be in danger for a few minutes. Take a look:

That was Auburn running back Onterio McCalebb. As you can see, he ran a 40 that was initially clocked by hand at 4.21 seconds. If that stood, we would have crowned a new NFL sprinting champ. And if you think Chris Johnson wasn’t aware of what was going on, worried that his record might be broken, think again. At 7:34 PM the guy tweeted this:

chris johnson tweet nfl combine 40 1

But just a few minutes later, the official (electronically measured) time came in, and McCalebb’s run was bumped to 4.34. That’s still very good, but way off the record.

Johnson was relieved:

chris johnson tweet nfl combine 40 2

Of course, though Johnson holds the “official” record, many people still consider Bo Jackson’s 4.12 40 back in 1986 to be the best of all time. But I guess we’ll never really know for sure.

Bo knows, though. Bo knows.

Hat Tip –[CBS Sports]

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