Double Anthem Fail: Singer Botches Both American and Canadian National Anthems (Videos)

singer botches national anthems

It’s not uncommon for national anthems to get butchered at sporting events.

Often, this seems to happen because the person singing an anthem isn’t actually from that country—like the guy who sang “O Canada” before a CFL game in Vegas back in 1994. And sometimes singers will even botch the anthem of their home and native land. After all, these aren’t always seasoned professionals, so even though they know the words, on a big stage their nerves might get to them.

It is quite rare, however, for a singer to botch two national anthems in one go. But this is exactly what happened at yesterday’s spring training game between the Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin, Florida. A guy named Jeff Fuller first botched “The Star Spangled Banner,” then turned around and blew “O Canada” as well.

Here’s his attempt at the American anthem:

And here is his attempt at the Canadian anthem:

Yikes. Poor bastard.

At least Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was nice to the guy. He was there to give Fuller a hardy handshake as he left the field.

“Poor guy, [there was] nowhere to hide.” Gibbons explained later. “I admire him for sticking out there and doing it.”

True that, coach.

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