Woman Breaks Up with Boyfriend After He Pushes Her Off a Canyon Cliff (Video)

boyfriend pushes girlfriend off cliff

Some couples break up because they just can’t get along. Others break up because one of them was unfaithful. And then there are those who split because they simply do not have the same goals in life.

However, one poor woman recently discovered a brand new reason for breaking up with her boyfriend: he pushed her off a cliff.

Don’t worry, she’s totally fine. You see, the woman was wearing a harness attached to a rope swing and was preparing to take an intentional leap over a canyon anyway. However, after a number of countdowns and false starts, she just couldn’t bring herself to take the leap. That’s when her loving boyfriend gave her a shove.

The footage was shot by a guy named Devin Graham as part of another video called “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever.” We don’t know who the formerly happy couple is, but we do know that the woman, whether she really meant it or not, shouted “I’m breaking up with you!” while she was dangling from a rope over the canyon after being pushed.

Have a look:

Now, I have to say that when I first heard about this clip I thought it was going to be fake. However, after watching it, if the terror in that girl’s voice isn’t real, she is an absolutely incredible actress. So no, I don’t think this was staged—or, in any case, the woman probably wasn’t in on it.

(Note to self: don’t push girlfriend off cliff.)

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