75 Fittest Bodies in Sports

fittest bodies in sports

All pro athletes are incredibly fit. Well, maybe not all of them. But most. However, some pro athletes are even more fit than others. Maybe they are just genetically gifted, or maybe they are gym rats. But some of these people are physical specimens that just blow you away. And today we’re going to take a stab at naming the 75 fittest, most impressive bodies in the world of sports.

Now, this is a very difficult task, and my efforts were definitely imperfect. I scoured the web and my own memories and came up with 75 athletes in superb condition. Did I miss some? Obviously. I know, for example, that baseball and hockey players are underrepresented here. But it’s not because I didn’t try. It’s because they wear uniforms that obscure the human form.

Nevertheless, whether or not there are others out there who could have been included here, I am positive that the ones that are included are deserving. So without further ado, let’s see who clocked in at #75.