The Miami Heat Made a Harlem Shake Video

lebron james miami heat harlem shake

I know. Another “Harlem Shake” video. Didn’t this thing stop being cool when news anchors started doing it?

The answer, of course, is yes. The Harlem Shake isn’t cool anymore, and now it’s starting to get kind of annoying. However, I still think you’re going to find this one amusing. After all, it featured Chris “Birdman” Andersen, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and the rest of the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat players.

Oh, and Dwyane Wade is wearing a suit, no shirt, and a giant bear head. So in other words, he’s the cover of a Kanye West Album.

Have a look:

Here’s what I wonder, though: did they send some people out to buy props for this video, or did the Heat players just happen to have all that stuff—a gold boom box, a crown, a giant bear head, luchadore masks, a Super Mario costume—lying around in the club house?

And here’s a follow-up question: if they did just have all that stuff lying around, would it surprise you?

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