Ricky Rubio Crosses Over Kobe Bryant, Produced Several Highlights Vs. Lakers (Videos)

ricky rubio beats kobe and dwight howard

Last March, Ricky Rubio saw his long-awaited rookie season with the Minnesota Timberwolves get cut short when he tore his ACL while defending Kobe Bryant. The injury deflated not only the T-Wolves’ chances of making the playoffs, but they also altered the expectations surrounding the NBA’s future in Minnesota and beyond.

However, after 9 months of rehab, Rubio made his season debut back in December. And it hasn’t taken long for him to remind us why we were so excited to see him play last year.

In short, the 22-year-old is a walking highlight reel. His overall game still needs to develop, but there’s no doubt that he is already one of the most exciting players in the NBA on the offensive side of the ball.

All you need to see to believe this claim are two highlights from last night’s game against the Lakers. In the first, Rubio leaves Kobe Bryant in his dust with a slick behind-the-back move, then freezes Dwight Howard with a little shake-n-back and goes in for an easy layup.

Beautiful, wasn’t it? And the thing is, earlier in the game, he’d already made this incredible assist:

So, if you haven’t already, you might want to check to see when the T-Wolves are playing on TNT or ESPN again this season and set your PVR, because Ricky Rubio is just that kind of player.

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