Magic Johnson Offers LeBron James $1-Million to Participate in Dunk Contest (Video)

lebron james pregame warmup dunk

After wowing us with his pre-game dunk routine over the past week, it seems as though everyone wants to see LeBron James take part in a Slam Dunk Contest now more than ever before.  That includes Magic Johnson, who went so far as to say that he would fork over $1-million to the winner if LeBron James took part in next year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

No joke.  One Million Dollars.  Seems like as good a reason as James has ever had to take part in the marquee event during the league’s All-Star Weekend.

Here’s a look at Magic Johnson making his offer, which took place during last night’s NBA on ESPN broadcast:

Will LeBron accept?  Think about the positive impact that doing so would have on his image.  Not only would he finally be giving the fans what they have always wanted, but he could also donate a large portion of his winnings (because we all know that there’s no way he’s losing) to a charity of his choice.  It’s the type of thing that should have his PR guys salivating at the mouth.