Baseball Pitcher Tackles Runner During Play at the Plate (Video)

pitcher tackle collision at the plate

When we witness a collision at the plate during a baseball game, nine times out of ten we see the player on offense barreling over the player on defense.  However, every once in a while we come across a defensive player who appears to be much more interested in being on the giving end of the violent collision, rather than the receiving end.  And that is exactly what we have for you here.

The clip comes from a DIII match-up between Berry College and Hendrix College, as Berry pitcher Levi Austin took the notion of “protecting the plate” to a whole new level when he drilled Hendrix baserunner Collin Radack on a play at the plate following a wild pitch.

Check it out:

I’d hate to jump to conclusions here, but it seems as though Levi was pissed off about something, because his two pitches before the play at the plate were each at least four feet inside.  Or, perhaps he is just as off-center with his pitching as he is with his straight-line running.

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