Report: LeBron James Linked to Miami Steroid Clinic According to Website (Video)

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One of the biggest issues in the world of sports today is the rampant use of performance enhancing drugs.

Major League Baseball seems to have one steroid controversy after another. McGwire, Bonds, and A-Rod were all cheaters. Then Andy Pettite, and allegedly Roger Clemens. Then Manny Ramirez, twice, followed by a positive result for Ryan Braun (which was overturned on a technicality) and a 50-game suspension for All-Star Game MVP Melky Cabrera.

On top of those, let us not forget folks like U.S. sprinter Marion Jones, or Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson. And of course, there is also the biggest case of them all: Lance Armstrong.

Anyway, all of these cases of PED use were big deals. But none of them could hold a flame to the firestorm that would erupt if, say, LeBron James were ever caught taking steroids. I mean, just think about that for a minute. This is the guy people say is the greatest athlete of his generation, the guy some say might end up being greater than Michael Jordan. If we ever found out LeBron was doping, that would be huge.

Well, there’s one source out there on the internet who claims that he has uncovered definite evidence linking LeBron James to the infamous miami clinic run by biochemist Anthony Bosch. A guy who goes by the name of Incarcerated Bob and runs the self-titled website Incarcerated Bob’s Sports Wrap claims to have interviewed a woman who used to work for Anthony Bosch. And that woman, who we know only as Jessica, claims that payments were made to the clinic from a man she called “Mr. Paul” for somebody with the initials LJ.

Now, as you may or may not know, LeBron’s close personal friend and agent is a guy named Rich Paul. So Incarcerated Bob makes the logical inference that this Mr. Paul must be Rich Paul, and that the LJ must be LeBron James.

Interesting, right? Check out the IB’s interview:

Obviously, if this woman did indeed work for Anthony Bosch and did indeed record the entries she said she recorded in his records, then this would indeed be very interesting evidence.

However, those are big, huge, gigantic ifs. Who is this woman? How does Incarcerated Bob know she worked for Bosch? And how does he know she’s not just mad because he didn’t pay her enough?

So, yeah, there’s absolutely no reason for people to go nuts defending or attacking LeBron at this point. However, this is still an interesting story, so I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.

Here is an Updated Video from “Incarcerated Bob” – NBA steroids – what you need to know (LeBron’s steroid rumor addressed)

Hat Tip – [Incarcerated Bob]

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