New Rochelle Wins Crazy High School Basketball Game with Unbelievable 55-foot Buzzer-Beater (Video)

insane high school basketball buzzer-beater new rochelle

On Sunday, the New Rochelle High School boys basketball team played Mount Vernon for the New York State Section 1 Class AA championship. The Mount Vernon Knights, a perennial powerhouse in the state, were the #3 seed and thus the favorites over the #6 seed New Rochelle Hugeunots. However, it was the Hugeunots that emerged victorious after nailing one of the most incredible buzzer-beaters you will ever see.

Why was it so incredible? Well, it’s not just because New Rochelle center Khalil Edney hit a one-handed shot from 55 feet away. It’s also incredible because an inbound pass by Edney with 2.9 seconds left in the game was intercepted by a Mount Vernon player, and because that Mount Vernon player lobbed the ball in the air to kill off the clock. At that point, everyone in the gym, including the TV announcers, thought the game was over. But then Edney caught the ball and heaved it toward the basket, and it went in.

That is when pandemonium ensued, and both teams celebrated—New Rochelle because they thought the shot beat the buzzer, Mount Vernon because they were sure it had not. So now the referees had to get together and decide.

They said it counted. And here is the craziest thing of all: they were right. Despite what the naked eye seems to observe, a replay clearly shows the ball leave Edney’s hand with 0.1 seconds left on the clock.

No joke. One tenth of a second.

Take a look at the whole sequence. The replay showing the time remaining on the clock comes at the 2:40 mark:

Everyone is talking about the shot, of course, and rightfully so, because it was awfully impressive. But I think the ones most deserving of adulation in this instance are the referees. That was some of the most clutch officiating I’ve ever seen.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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