Check Out the Orlando Magic Dancing Dads (Video)

orlando magic dancing dads

Cheerleaders have always been a great way for basketball teams to entertain their fans during timeouts, between quarters and at halftime of home games.  And it makes perfectly good sense, as gorgeous women dancing in short skirts has always been a great way to attract a large male fan base.

But in Orlando, they like to do things a little different.  Rather than gorgeous cheerleaders, they use the “Magic Dancing Dads,” which is a group that is composed of a bunch of senior men with limited dancing skills.

Do they have what it takes to attract a larger male fan base?  Watch the video below and I’ll let you be the judge:

Yeah, let’s just say that if the Magic’s poor excuse for a starting line-up (Maurice Harkless, Andrew Nicholson, Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Afflalo and Etwaun Moore) hasn’t already scared away their entire male fan base, the “Magic Dancing Dads” should do the trick.

Although, don’t be surprised if the Magic replace their younger male fans with an even larger senior female fan base.  Seems like the prefect strategy for a team based in Orlando, Florida.



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