Sidney Crosby Uses Soccer Skills to Set Up a Pretty Goal (Video)

sidney crosby kick soccer skills to goal

Most NHL teams these days have at least one group of players that likes to warm up before a game by juggling a soccer ball. The reason? Well, it’s a great way to get your heart rate up and stay loose, for one. But more importantly, it’s a great way to improve your footwork or, you might say, your foot-eye coordination.

That may not seem like an important thing in hockey, but it is. And as proof, have a look at this play by Mr. BPIH® (Best Player in Hockey) himself, Sidney Crosby. It’s from Saturday’s wild offensive shootout between the Penguins and Canadiens in Montreal.

Crosby takes an errant pass from Chris Kunitz on a breakout and uses his back foot to kick the puck up through his legs and turn the play into a 2-on-1. Then, after Crosby fires a shot, he gets his own rebound and passes to Kunitz for the game-tying goal.

Have a look for yourself:

That’s some nice footwork, wouldn’t you say? And the pass and Kunitz’s shot aren’t bad either.

In any case, that’s why hockey players practice with a soccer ball, kids. Now go get yourself a ball and start juggling.

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