Ben Stiller Joins Rafael Nadal on the Tennis Court, Gets Beat by a Little Girl (Video)

ben stiller plays tennis with little girl and rafael nadal

Whenever they pull a celebrity out of the crowd at a sporting event, you can expect to see something good. Despite all the effort to make it look like it’s totally spontaneous, you know the fix is on, and that they’ve got something amusing planned. Bill Murray and Will Ferrell, for example, are especially notorious sports nuts who always seem to be taking part in various hi-jinx at sporting events.

Well, the crowd was treated to something very Will Ferrellesque at the BNP Paribas Showdown on Monday at Madison Square Garden. Juan Martin del Potro was facing Rafael Nadal in an exhibition match when Nadal made an “impromptu” decision to pull Ben Stiller out of the crowd to help him. Then del Potro grabbed a “totally random” partner for himself—a little girl who just so happened to be really good at tennis.

Adorableness ensued. Take a look:

You have to hand it to Stiller. It takes a real man to make a little girl’s day by letting her show the world just how much better she is at tennis than him.

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