Behold the Most Pathetic Attempt at a Hockey Fight of All-Time (Video)

worst hockey fight ever pathetic

It would be unreasonable to expect every hockey fight to be epic. Even in a league like the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, a small-time pro league that’s pretty much made up entirely of goons, the fights can’t all be Ali-Frazier…or even Mirasty-Gillies. Some of them have to be duds. That’s just the law of averages.

But you know what? I do think it is reasonable to expect a punch to be thrown in every hockey fight or, if nothing else, that the two combatants will at least get within five feet of each other. But apparently that doesn’t always happen.

At a recent game between the Cornwall RiverKings and Saint-Georges Cool 103.5 FM (no joke, that’s the team’s name) of the Quebec-based LNAH, Saint Georges’s Sebastien Laferriere dropped the gloves with Cornwall’s Francis Lessard, and everyone in the arena thought they were going to get a good fight.

Turns out they were just practicing their ice dancing routine:

Wow. I mean…wow. This nonsense just resulted in a couple of 2 minutes penalties.

However, while sitting in the box, both players came to the realization that if they didn’t redeem themselves, they’d be the laughing stock of the hockey-loving world. So when they got out they did this:

Now that’s a solid hockey fight.

Of course, they’re still the laughing stock of the hockey-loving world. I’m thinking it’ll take about ten fights to undo their punchless hockey samba.

Hat Tip to redditor TheRavenFamily

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