Bruins Coach Claude Julien Complained About Diving, So a Habs Fan Made a Compilation of His Team Taking Dives (Video)

claude julien press conference embellisment

On Sunday, after the Montreal Canadiens beat the Boston Bruins 4-3, Bruins head coach Claude Julien went on a rant at the postgame press conference about Montreal’s proclivity toward diving. And, really, I think all hockey fans can pretty much agree with everything Julien said. These “embellishments,” as he calls them, have no place in hockey. They are disgraceful acts of poor sportsmanship and an embarrassment to the game. Plus, yes, they make the referees look bad.

Of course, there is just one problem with the Boston coach’s remarks: his team dives all the f-ing time! Brad Marchand? That guy is right there with the Vancouver trio of Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler, and Henrik Sedin at the top of the list of the NHL’s biggest divers.

Well, one YouTube user decided he had to do something about Julien’s hilarious hypocrisy. So that user—ironically, a Canucks fan—put together this rather amazing cut of Boston Bruins taking dives. The plays are edited together with Julien’s remarks and, of course, set to moody, ominous music.

It’s brilliant. Have a look:

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part is the sequence that begins at the 30 second mark, with Marchand taking two dives in a span of six seconds.

Hat Tip – [MAKAVELI719696]

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