Dick’s Sports Goods and Louisville Slugger Provide a Behind-The-Scene Look at the Art of Crafting a Baseball Bat (Video)

Louisville Slugger

After watching a batter smack a 400-plus foot homer out of the park during a baseball game, most people tend to focus on the batter’s abilities (i.e. his power, hand-eye coordination and bat speed, to name just few).  But what about the bat itself?

You see, while it is the batter that gets most of the recognition for the home run, the fact of the matter is that the likes of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Lou Gehrig simply couldn’t have done it without their trusted Louisville Sluggers.  And the people at Dick’s Sporting Goods recognize the importance of this relationship, as they visited the Louisville Slugger production plant to give us an inside look at the work that goes into creating the world’s best baseball bats.

For an up-close look at how a Louisville Slugger is constructed, from the carving of the wood to the application of the logo, check out the video below:

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