Minnesota Timberwolves Respond to the Miami Heat Harlem Shake (Video)

minnesota timberwolves harlem shake video

The Minnesota Timberwolves do not like the Miami Heat. You could tell that from the altercation on the court between J.J. Barea and Ray Allen on Monday night, and you could tell from Barea’s comments after the game.

You know how else you can tell? From the T-Wolves’ response to the Miami Heat Harlem Shake video.

If you recall, last Friday the Heat released their own Harlem Shake video featuring LeBron and the gang going loco. Dwayne Wade was wearing a bear head, Chris Bosh was rocking to a golden boom box—it was actually pretty funny.

Well, yesterday, the day after Miami pounded Minnesota, the Timberwolves released their own Harlem Shake video. And they make their feelings pretty clear.

Take a look:

It’s not often that you see one pro sports team bash another. Sure, players bash players, and coaches bash coaches. But usually at the organizational level, teams seem to stay above the fray.

Not this time, though. And really, who can blame the T-Wolves? Isn’t this pretty much how everyone in the NBA feels?