19 Funny Ball Boy GIFs

ball boy gifs

In the world of pro sports, athletes get 99% of the attention. And that’s probably fair, since without them nobody would watch. But there are a lot of other people involved in making sports happen, and every once in a while it’s nice to give them a shout-out. A few months back we tried to pay tribute to the intrepid sports reporters who take a beating just to bring us the inside scoop. And today we’re going to pay tribute to the young people responsible for making sure the game isn’t delayed when the ball goes out of play: the ball boys. Or girls. Or men.

Okay, so we won’t so much be paying tribute as much as we’ll be laughing at them. But even though we’ll be laughing, it will be a laughter of appreciation for all their hard work. (Yeah, that’s a tenuous argument. It’s not easy trying to justify laughing at kids falling down, so just go with it.)

Ready to take a look? Great. Let’s get started.

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