Senators’ Dave Dziurzynski Knocked Out Cold by the Leafs’ Frazer McLaren (Video)

dave dziurzynski knocked out cold

Ottawa Senators winger Dave Dziurzynski should have just listened to his instincts.

Last night in Toronto, Leafs enforcer Frazer McLaren asked the 23-year-old rookie from Lloydminster, Alberta, if he wanted to drop the gloves. It was just 26 seconds into the game, and McLaren thought his team was sluggish and needed a spark. But Dziurzynski said no. So McLaren was prepared to go on his merry way.

Then the puck dropped, and so did Dziurzynski’s gloves. Apparently he had reconsidered—and that turned out to be a big mistake. After going at it for a few seconds with neither player landing much, the 6’4″, 222-pound McLaren landed a hard right to the jaw of the 6’3″ 205-pound Dziurzynski, and it was lights out for the Senator forward, as he dropped to the ice face first, completely unconscious.

Ottawa’s trainer quickly rushed out to the ice, and Dziurzynski regained consciousness fairly quickly. But as soon as he got up on his feet it became clear that he wasn’t going to stay up without assistance.  It took the trainer plus two of his teammates to help the gumby-legged kid off the ice.

It was actually pretty disturbing to see. So, obviously, you should check it out:

So what happened to Dziurzynski? Oh, just a mild traumatic brain injury, that injury better known as a concussion.

Come to think of it, maybe this is why they don’t allow fighting in other sports. It probably also explains this.

Hat Tip – [National Post]

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