Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin Give Us the Alley-Oop Dunk of the Year (Video)

jamal crawford amazing alley-oop pass to blake griffin

You know what professional basketball players really love? When a team that has a 15-point lead with just 6 minutes left in the game starts busting out their slam dunk contest material. Because, you know, they’re already getting embarrassed on the court, so the other guys might as well use the opportunity to practice their showtime moves, right?

Actually, now that I think about it, I might have it backwards. Teams probably don’t like it when their opponents showboat during a blowout. It’s kind of embarrassing.

But man, the fans sure do love it. And last night in Los Angeles, they went nuts for Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin.

With just over 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Clippers were leading the Milwaukee Bucks by 15 points. So when a turnover led to an easy 2-on-0 break, Jamal Crawford decided to get creative and dish a between-the-legs alley-oop pass to Blake Griffin, who then laid down one of his thunderous windmill dunks.

It was absolutely ridiculous, and easily one of the top plays of the year in the NBA. Take a look:

You have to feel kind of bad for the Bucks. They must have been like, “Yeah, we get it guys, you’re way better than us. Now cool it.”

Seriously though, this is why basketball is awesome. You just don’t get this kind of creativity and artistry in baseball or football.

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