Nate Robinson Busts Out Showtime Layup in Bulls Loss After Missing His First Six Shots (Video)

nate robinson showing off durign bulls blowout

Showing off when you’re the team that’s running away with the game? That might be a little questionable. But showing off when you’ve just missed your first six shots of the game, and it’s only the 1st quarter? That’s always a bad idea.

Apparently the Chicago Bulls’ diminutive Nate Robinson disagrees. Last night against the far superior San Antonio Spurs, Robinson stole the ball toward the end of the first quarter with the Bulls up by three. And while you would think he’d just go with a simple layup after starting the game 0-for-6 from the floor, that was not the case at all. Robinson decided to bust out a little showtime and flex as he laid the ball off the glass.

Have a look:

Why a guy would display such self-confidence in that situation is beyond me. And I’m not just talking about the fact that Robinson had missed his first six shots. I’m also talking about the fact that there was a lot of basketball left to play, and this was hardly the time for him to make some kind of statement.

And sure enough, Robinson and the Bulls would go on to get pounded in the second half and lose by a score of 101-83.

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