Streaker Jumps Onto Ice at Calgary Flames Game (Video)

saddledome streaker

Just last week we told you about a drunk hockey fan that hopped over the glass and onto the ice at a Canadian college hockey game, and at that time we commented on how we rarely, if ever, see streakers interrupt hockey games. So of course, just over a week later, another example comes along to prove us wrong. But this example isn’t from some college hockey game. It’s from a genuine National Hockey League contest. And the guy wasn’t fully clothed like the last one, either. He stripped all the way down to his underpants first.

It all went down last night at the Saddledome in Calgary. The Flames were taking on the San Jose Sharks, and during the second intermission some guy took off everything but his boxers and ran out onto the freshly resurfaced ice, getting all the way to the center line before anybody on skates was able to get out there to apprehend him.

So, are you ready to meet the Saddledome Streaker? Well, here are three videos from fans who were at the game and were able to whip out their phones in time to catch the spectacle.

The first is my favorite because of the excellent commentary:

Here’s the second shot, which unfortunately has no commentary:

And here is the third, which gives you the closest look at the Saddledome Streaker:

Personally, I think it would have been funnier if the guy was actually on skates. But you have to take what life gives you, and this is still pretty amusing.

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