Swiss Hockey Player Ronny Keller Paralyzed After Being Checked Into Boards (Video)

swiss hockey player check from behind

A frightening scene unfolded in Switzerland on Tuesday during a second division hockey match, as Olten’s Ronny Keller was left paralyzed after being checked hard into the boards by Langenthal’s Stefan Schnyder while the two were racing full-speed for a loose puck in Olten’s zone.

The play occurred in overtime, and caused a lengthy delay as Keller lay motionless on the ice.  According to reports, the Olten defenseman was conscious at the time, telling trainers that he had no feeling in his legs.  He was eventually stretchered off the ice and taken to the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, where it was determined that Keller had suffered permanent spinal paralysis resulting from damage to his fourth thoracic vertebra.  His club has since stated that he is awake, has not suffered brain damage, and is set to be released from intensive care in the very near future.

As for Schnyder, he was suspended by the Swiss League for the remainder of the season while they continue to investigate the incident.  And apparently, he hasn’t been taking it well, stating that the he is “haunted” by what has happened.

Here’s a look at how it all unfolded.

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