Wasted Ducks Fan Can’t Seem to Find the Restroom (Video)

drunk ducks fan can't find bathroom

We all know the world looks a little different when you’ve had a beer, or six, too many. Jokes are funnier, food is tastier, chicks (or dudes) are hotter, and, of course, everything eventually starts to spin. Still, have you ever been so drunk at a sporting event that you couldn’t even find the bathroom? I mean, it’s not like the bathrooms are hidden like they are at a department store. All you really have to do is go out to the concourse, turn left or right, and you’ll hit a bathroom in about two minutes or less.

Unfortunately for the Anaheim Ducks fan in this video, it just wasn’t that easy.  Apparently the guy is so incredibly wasted that he forgot the “go out to the concourse” part, and just turned left at his seat and started walking…all the way across the top row in the upper bowl of the Honda Center.

How do we know this? Because his buddies are filming him the whole way while trying to control their laughter. Eventually the dude winds up on the other side of the arena, where he tries to get in the press box. Then, someone there apparently reminds him that the restrooms are located in the concourse, and so he finally makes his way out of the stands.

It’s all pretty funny. Have a look:

You have to assume that, with his navigation abilities that impaired, this guy probably slept on a bus stop bench that night. Luckily the nights aren’t too cold in southern California.

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