Flyers Fan Wears T-Shirt Expressing His True Feelings About Sidney Crosby (Photo)

You can have your Bruins-Canadiens, Rangers-Devils, or Blue Jackets-Predators*. For my money, the best rivalry in hockey right now is Penguins-Flyers. Last spring they gave us a bizarre, violent, goal fest of a playoff series, and so far this year, in three meetings, they’ve given us a 3-1 game, a 6-5 game, and a 5-4 game.

*The last one was a joke.

Obviously, though, it’s not just the scores that tell the story. These two teams hate each other right now, and so do their fans. And in Philadelphia, the #1 target for all the Penguin-hatred is, obviously, Sidney Crosby. Not only is he the best player in the game today, but he also did an awful lot of mucking and instigating in the playoffs last year. So in Philadelphia the Kid is enemy #1.

And that, of course explains the t-shirt being worn by a Philly fan right behind the Flyers’ bench during last night’s Penguins-Flyers game:

sidney crosby is a whiny little bitch t-shirt

Is the shirt right? Is Sidney Crosby a whiny little b*tch? Well, we know Mike Milbury thinks so. But of course, Mike Milbury is kind of an idiot, so you have to take his opinion with a grain of salt.

Personally, I don’t want to take sides in the debate. However, I will point out one little fact: Sidney Crosby’s name is on the Stanley Cup. You cannot say the same for Flyers captain Claude Giroux. So if Sid is a whiny little…whatever…then obviously it’s working for him.

But what do you think?

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