What if Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman Were On the Same NBA Jam Team? (Video)

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When I saw that Dennis Rodman was going to North Korea, my first thought was, oh man, Rodman is going to end up like Harry Ellis in Die Hard.

Remember Harry Ellis? He was the d-bag coke-head with the hot’s for John McClane’s wife who thinks he’s knows what he’s doing, so he tries to negotiate with the terrorists, and then they kill him?

Well that’s how I thought Rodman would end up. He’d be all like, “hey, Kim Jong-un, buddy, pal, you know the guy that’s f**king things up over in America? I can give him to you.” And then Dennis would spend the rest of his life performing in prison musicals written by the dear leader.

Of course, what I forgot, initially, was that Kim Jong-un and Hans Gruber are nothing alike. Gruber was a cold, calculating, greedy German, and he saw Ellis for what he was. Kim Jong-un? He’s crazy. So he probably thought Dennis Rodman really was a covert diplomatic emissary.

Anyway, the geniuses over at YouTube channel “Official Comedy” have commemorated Rodman’s trip to the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea by creating a video showing what a DPRNK version of classic sports video game NBA Jam would look like. It features new BFFs Rodman and Kim Jong-un teaming up to take on the Pathetic Americans, and of course, Kim Jong-un is just the best basketball player in the whole world.

Obviously, it is extremely awesome. Take a look:

A true classic, wouldn’t you say?

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