Double Knockout During Amateur MMA Bout (Video)

double knockout amateur mma

Perhaps the only thing better than seeing one person getting knocked out during a mixed martial arts bout is seeing both combatants get KO’d.  And that is exactly what we were treated to during the following amateur MMA fight between Aaron Britt and Brandon Alexander at Galaxy Fight Night IV in Yuba City, California on Saturday.

After a few harmless exchanges, both fighters dive in and connect on right hooks to their opponent’s jaw, resulting in a draw due to a double knockout just 14 seconds into the bout.

Check it out:

Neither fighter has a win in their short careers (0-0-1 for Britt and 0-2-1 for Alexander).  They both probably went to sleep thinking they had just earned their first, and woke up on the mat wondering what the hell just happened.

Sorry boys, maybe next time.

Hat Tip – [Camo-MMA]

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