Hooters Ball Girl Picks Up Fair Ball, Gives it to a Fan (Video)

Hooters Ball Girl fail

It seems as though every year, you can count on us to provide our readers with at least one update on the Hooters ball girls that can be seen patrolling the foul grounds during Philadelphia Phillies spring training contests.

For the first few years, it seemed as though everyone was impressed with these ball-chasing beauties, but suddenly, during a 2012 spring training game between the Phillies and the Detroit Tigers, we noticed a change in attitude towards the Hooters ball girls; people were booing them.

That trend continued over the weekend after yet another Hooters Ball Girl made an embarrassing error.  On this occasion, it was an error in judgement, as the blonde female scooped up a fair ball and proceeded to toss it to a fan.  And when she finally caught on to her mistake and realized that the boos raining down from the crowd were directed towards her, she took cover behind her glove.

Check it out:

Were they saying “Booooooo,” or “Boooooooobs?”

Either way, I’m sure there wasn’t a man in the stadium who wasn’t willing to forgive her for that honest mistake.

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