Failed Full-Court Buzzer-Beater Attempt Hits Raptors’ Mop Guy in the Face (Video)

landry fields buzzer beater shot hits mob guy

What do you call the people in charge of mopping the floor at an NBA game? Mop guys? Floor wipers? Sweat removal specialists?

Well, whatever you call them, their jobs aren’t as awesome as I originally thought.

You see, I kind of thought that, although they do have to wipe up the sweat of grown men for a living, at least the mop dudes get a courtside view of 41 NBA games a year, hanging out right underneath the basket when Kevin Durant posterizes some dude, or when Blake Griffin throws down one of his monster jams.

The reality, however, is that these guys are too busy mopping to watch the game. And I learned this cold reality from one of the Toronto Raptors’ mop guys on Sunday.

With the clock running out in the 3rd quarter of the Raptors-Cavaliers game, Toronto’s Landry Fields hurled a what-the-hell full-court shot toward the basket. The mop guy? He was busy mopping. So he didn’t see the ball as it slammed into the side of his face.

Take a look:

But talk about a pro, right? I’m sure that had to hurt like hell, but the mop guy takes it like a man, has a laugh, and just keeps on mopping. Impressive stuff, considering the fact that, nowadays, NBA players flop around on the ground when you look at them funny.

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